Saturday, 29 December 2012


Today, here is something different than what I usually publish. But I swear, it's worth it!!

A beautiful short video (3:36) that shows how human uses animals and the planet.

Don't worry, there is no difficult images to look at.

Video by Steve Cutts.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

OPI - Off PETA's cruelty free list! :(

As if 2012 didn't take enough brands off our cruelty free lists, here is probably another one.

Sadly, OPI disapeared from PETA's good list.

I print out once in a while that list to have proof a brand was on it.

So here is a pic of it - Last updated Dec 3rd, 2012:

And now, a pic of PETA's list on their website - Today, Dec 25th, 2012:
(link if you want to see by yourself)

Disapointed ? Yeah, me too.
Surprised ? Not really, it belongs to Coty...

The reason why I think they're not cruelty free no more ? They seem to be now available in China (mandatory testing) :

It would help the animal cause if you too would write (politely) to them and tell them how you feel about this.

On their website :
On facebook :
On twitter :

Please, let me know what are your feelings about this!

100% Pure - Part 2

As promised, here is 100% Pure part 2.
If you missed the first part, you may read it here.

Today, we're looking at a hand cream and 3 eye shadows.

Vanilla Bean Hand Buttercream 

A hand butter cream! mmmm...

Scent of vanilla bean.

It is a thick texture.
Great for Canadian winters!

What to say about the scent ?

Well, that's the best vanilla scent I ever was allowed to smell in a cosmetic!!

Forget about The Body Shop products.
This one smells way better!
(and doesn't belong to L'Oréal!!)

I almost want to order a full box !!
Seriously, I adore this cream.

I terribly long to buy again from 100% Pure and try their body lotion.
And why not, maybe a giveaway for you soon ? to follow...

Oh yeah, I really want you to know: I LOVE THAT CREAM!!

Ok, I stop  :- P

Fruit Pigmented Satin Eye Shadows

This, I got as a gift for ordering.
Each time you order, 100% Pure gives you a little something.

What made me happy, besides receiving 3 eyeshadows instead of only one, it is not samples! Full size only.

These eyeshadows are colored with fruits (and vegetables).
I prefer that kind of coloring as opposed to crushed bugs... (For  those who didn't know, sorry to tell you, but it's better that you know)

So here are the colors, from top to bottom :

Bora Bora

Dream destinations!

3 colors that fit well together.

As you can see, the colors are sparkling.
It is pretty silky when applied.

Despite my best efforts, the photo is not doing justice to the colors.
They are just exquisite.

I will not hesitate to order 100% Pure eye shadows in the future.

My conclusion

100% Pure has conquered my heart!
The products are natural & vegan (except for certified cruelty free honey in some products)
It is excellent quality.

Is there anything else to say ? If this brand would open a store in Quebec, I'd go bankrupt!!

*if you are against animal testing and like this blog, don't hesitate to join by subscribing at the top of the page, on the right side + liking the facebook page! :-)

Monday, 24 December 2012

Happy Holidays!!

I'd like to take a moment to thank you all for visiting this blog and for your support to the animal cause!
I also wish you a merry x-mas and a happy new year for 2013!!
Thank you from Smarty & I : )

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

100% Pure - Part 1

I've been thinking about 100% Pure for a while.
For us, in Quebec, it is only available on line. That's why I did not try it sooner.

If I knew what I know now, I would never have waited so long before ordering it.

What's interesting about the brand, is there is no perfumes, no chemicals, no artificial colors or any other unhealthy toxins.
You understand where the name comes from now ?

Also, this line of skin care & body care + cosmetics is practically vegan.
The only non vegan ingredient you may find is cruelty free honey.

My order

Mint White Tea Tonic

Vanilla Bean Buttercream for hands

Eucalyptus Seafoam facial cleanser

Pineapple Enzyme Peel Off Mask

I also got 3 eye shadows as a gift for ordering. (Full size!!)

Since I have a lot to say, I decided to split this in 2 posts.

If I don't, you'll stop reading before the end!

Part 1 - Cleanser, Tonic and Mask

The cleanser I chose is meant for oily skins.

I want you to know I really like it.
Eucalyptus Seafoam
I found it to be a bit liquid, but it makes a lot of foam quickly.

Once out of the shower, my skin is clear and well cleansed.

It is $25 for 100 ml.
It is a bit expensive if you compare to drugstore brands, but when you have a mixed or oily skin, you look for THE product, and I believe this one is a really good option for me.

I know I will empty the bottle and reorder.

And not to forget! There's drawings of seahorses and sea stars on the package!
(I know, don't tell me! loll)

The tonic is nice, I like it.
Mint white tea

I think it is as good as the Alba one.
(That's a compliment!)

But it is a bit more expensive. We are talking of $24 for a 177 ml bottle.

It is a glass bottle, which I like a lot.

It's meant for normal to oily skins.

We feel it working on the skin.
It stings a little. (a good sting!)

The scent is pretty nice.
I'm satisfied.

The Mask is a brightening one. I can tell you it works.

It comes as a powder mix, in a glass pot. It's charming.
Pineapple enzyme
We have to prepare it ourselves.

100% Pure suggests to use water, tea or even yogurt.

I used water since the product is vegan and I wanted to keep it that way.

Once dry, it's a peel off.
And it peels! Really!
My skin was a bit sensitive for the rest of the evening.

There was no redness but I knew I used the mask for a while!

If you prefer a ready to use mask, 100% Pure does offer some.

It's $22 for 57 gr.

My Verdict

I adore it, as simply as that. I do not regret buying it.
I'm already preparing part 2 : hand cream + eye shadows.

You'll get the post within next week. I promise!

I'm curious to know if you already tried 100% Pure ?
Tell me what you think.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Mary Kay! Would you lie to me ?

In the cosmetics industry, there are lots of lies when it comes to animal testing.
Many brands do not hesitate to tell you what you want to hear, as long as they get your money.

I was told before that Avon & Mary Kay make it a common practice to tell customers their products are crueltyfree.

But if you do some research, you'll find out they're not!

Both companies are well established in China.
If you follow this blog, you know this automatically implies tests on animals.

Indeed, chinese laws require those tests in order to be able to sell cosmetics on their territory.

I never witnessed any lies about that matter from Avon or Mary Kay, until recently...

On twitter, someone asked me if she should believe a MK salesperson who told her they are crueltyfree.

Of course, I said no.

I gave her this link where you get really interesting information about what's going on in China.

I also shared the link on Twitter & Facebook.

It got shared by a friend and here's what happened.

As you can see, someone was told MK does not test on animals.
What's interresting in that comment is that she shares her source's name.

I clicked on that name to find out this person is an executive sales director at MK...

What do you think about that ? Yeah, that's what i thought.

What should you learn from this?

Just be careful. Cosmetics companies want your money, and some are willing to lie for it.

I can not say that these two MK representatives actually did say the brand is cruelty free. I'm not the one who spoke with them.

However, we witness a lot of lies about animal testing.

Choose your information source.
Someone who wants to sell you something should not be your source.
A friend that thinks she knows should not be your source either.

Please, tell me if Mary Kay did ever tell you their products are not tested on animals ? I would like to know about it!

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

St-Ives, ain't no Saint!

Here's an alternative

If there is a popular product in drugstores, it is St-Ives's facial scrub. 
Not surprising if you think about it. It is good & affordable!

But one day, the brand disappeared from PETA's good list.
And we know it doesn't happen for no reason.

Since I refuse to buy a product without knowing for sure that it's cruelty free, I went on a mission!

I've been looking for a while for something in the same prices.
I've found lots of products, really interesting ones, but nothing as cheap.

Then I found this! from the Feeling Beautiful line made by Freeman

It costs $3.99 for 150 ml.
(same size & price than St-Ives)

I found this at Loblaws, but you may also get it at Walmart and drugstores.

Since my first experiment with a Freeman product was satisfying, I did not hesitate.

What I think about it

What a great smell !
It is a pink grapefruit scent.

It is a thick gel but we feel the grains exfoliate the skin.
There's nothing worse for me than a scrub that doesn't seem to do the job!

A small amount is enough.




Scrub your face, not a rabbit!

Freeman products are on PETA's good list and is also vegan according to that same list.

2 for 1!

No animal testing, and no animals suffering in a factory.

What about you? Do you like that scrub ? Will you try it ?

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Christmas !

Did you start your Christmas shopping already ?
Uninspired ?

Here are my suggestions for a Christmas without cruelty! Peace on earth to all!

xmas gifts

1- Gift packs from Lush  - $12 to $200 - a wide selection!
2- NYX makeup sets - $15 to $55.
3- Too Faced : Sweet Indulgence palette at $52 & the Teddy Bear Hair Professional Brush Set at $65.
4- What about making a personalised set with some nail lacquers ? NARS, SpaRitual, GOSH, butter london and china glaze - $7 to $20 each.
5- Ginger Sparkle collection from The Body Shop - a body butter at $19 and a hand cream for $6.
6- Stila - All is bright lip glaze set - $25.
7- A must: Beauty blender sponge for $21.

Bah! who cares about the price?!

Best of Stila makeup case, for $250.

A makeup case that includes :
  • Stay All Day™ Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in Intense Black
  • Passion Fruit Crush Lip & Cheek Stain
  • Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Stingray & Starfish
  • Lip Glaze – Grapefruit & Gleam (exclusive shade)
  • Major Major Lash Mascara in Black
  • Convertible Color in Lillium
  • Long Wear Liquid Lip in Muse & Caprice
  • In the Garden Eye Shadow Palette (includes a how-to look book)
  • Stay All Day™ 10-in-1 HD Beauty Balm
  • Custom Color Blush in Pink
  • All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer in Bronze Shimmer
  • Smudge Crayon in Midnight Blue & Pink Violet
  • Jewel Eye Shadow in Blue Sapphire & Black Diamond

So? What will you offer to your people ?

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

My letter to Urban Decay

Urban Decay, my heart flutters ...

This summer, you've announced that you were going to attack the Chinese market.
You told us that you knew that meant abandoning your policy against animal testing.
You said it was worth it ...

But what you did not see coming was the wave of protests on social medias.
What am I saying!? A tsunami, a tornado!!!!

You've unleashed our fury...

You bent..
You came back to reason...

That even earned you PETA's Courage in commerce award.

My heart was filled with hope.
Hope in mankind.

So I forgave you.

But now I hear that you wanna sell yourself, like only a whore knows how, to L'Oréal ...
Why ? Money. The thing is it is full of vices...

But perhaps you just don't know ...

L'Oreal is one of the most cruel brand that the earth has ever carried.
A monster.
Yes, torturers are monsters. Animals are the victims.

Be careful, it's like a pact with the devil.
You may well lose your soul ... if ever you have one ...

Monday, 26 November 2012

Give me some Attitude !

Attitude already impressed us with their household products.

Now, there's the bodycare line, I'm sure you saw it in stores.

It goes from deodorant to shampoo & conditionner to the body wash & body lotion. Also let's not forget the soap.

This Montreal brand is expanding and certified cruelty free by CCF.

I have long used their laundry detergent , their dishwasher pouches and their disinfectant.

I am very satisfied, and this is the reason why I tried one of their new products.

Their shampoo.

It is just amazing !
It makes a lot of foam & leaves my hair soft every time.
Even my mother asked me what I did to my hair. No more secret!

The bottle costs $ 8.99 for 355 ml. A bargain!

A little plus:
We may read on the bottle it is completely free of 1,4-dioxane and ethylene oxide, two known and proven carcinogens that often contaminates bodycare products.

I strongly encourage you to try Attitude products which are of course not tested on animals. :-)
I've never been disappointed.

I hope you'll like it.

And oh yes, don't forget to subscribe to my blog if you like it!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Illamasqua : Take 2 !

I told you about Illamasqua few days ago.
The polish chipped on the first day, and 3 days later the polish was chipped on all fingers.

However, I did not put a topcoat on it - I know, shame on me!

That's why I decided to give a second try to the brand.
And you know, I gave 18$ to Sephora for the little bottle...

Also, the color is really beautiful + the varnish applies easily.
It was worth another try.

Illamasqua - Color : Serenity

I applied it again WITH a GOSH topcoat. (I adore that last brand by the way!)

The result :
No chipping before the 3rd day...
A little chip on one finger only.
Better than having one on the first day! But still...

If I compare to some other polish brands, I find the Illamasqua's one to be to expensive.

Even with no topcoat on my first try, a 18$ polish should not chip on the first day.
As simple as that.

Spa Ritual doesn't have to fear to lose my heart's first place.

Talking about that last brand, I will post pretty soon about it.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

NYX vs China


NYX confirmed to PETA they won't sell their products in the country that requires animal testing, China.

That's what I call a good news!

And that's because they choose compassion over profit by refusing to do animal testing that PETA gave NYX the Courage in commerce Award!

And it really does need courage for a brand to turn its back to profits when their competitors don't give a damn about animal suffering as long as the money gets in...

This is why I'd like to invite you to thank NYX for their courageous decision.
You may do so through Twitter, Facebook or by email (

(By the way, you may also subscribe to this blog on Twitter & Facebook! Or on the right side of the screen!)

Here is a link where you'll be able to see many NYX's colors as good as MAC*'s ones.

*selling in China & more expensive!

I guess I'm going to order some NYX pretty soon.
You may also get their products in stores such as Jean Coutu.

If you already tried that brand, I'd like to know about it!

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Mavala & their animal testing policy

When a brand says they don't do animal testing, you have to be careful.
Brands do know how to make you understand what they want.

I saw someone ask Mavala if they use animals for their tests.
The answer that person received would make you believe the brand is cruelty free.
The thing is that the answer wasn't complete.

So I decided to ask Mavala for the missing information.

Here is the email I sent to Mavala

Hello !

I'd like to know if your products, and the ingredients and formulations are tested on animals either by you or a third party ?
Do you make sure your suppliers aren't testing on animals (ingredient, formulations and finished product) themselves or by a third party?
Also, do you sell your products in countries that mandate animal testing? 

Thank you and have a nice day !


And their answer

In yellow, you will see a disturbing information : they do not test on their finished products...

Dear Mrs Manuela Lima,

We thank you for your e-mail and for your interest in MAVALA products.
We have been aware of ethical issues concerning animal experimentation for a number of years. Therefore, our policy for a long time has been very clear and we can assure you that we do not perform any animal tests (nor us neither a third party). And we chose our suppliers which comply with European Legislation that prohibits animal testing on ingredients.
This policy is valid for all countries in which Mavala is commercialised.
Please note that even if we do not test our finished products on animals, the mention "not tested on animals" does not appear on our products, because it is a European legal requirement for all cosmetic manufacturers since 2004.
We hope to have answered you satisfactorily.
Kind regards.

When you get an answer that ain't so easy to understand, and that talks about the laws, 
think again...

Usually, a brand that doesn't do any animal testing don't hide behind long and non-understandable answers... 

I do not believe they are cruelty free and hope you don't!

Saturday, 10 November 2012

My first product from Illamasqua!

For my very first incursion into Illamasqua's world, I decided to try a nail polish.

I chose a color named Serenity.

I was surprised to see it was a matte finish.
But it's a good surprise.
(If you prefer a shining finish, I suggest you choose a top coat accordingly.)

+ + + : this polish dries quickly, so you don't need to use drying drops .

Two coats are enough since the color is bright. Also, the polish applies easily.

But it is a little bit expensive. We are talking about 18$ at Sephora, for a 15 ml bottle.
Added to the fact that it started to chip on day 2.
I thought it could happen.
But within 3 days, the polish on all my nails chipped...

It's unacceptable to me.
I have to admit I haven't use any topcoat.
Still, it's 18$...

Because the color is so gorgeous, I'm going to give it another try WITH a good topcoat.
I plan to use GOSH topcoat, I'll give you some news in a week.

Sephora is the only store I know you can find Illamasqua.

The brand is on My Beauty Bunny's cruelty free list.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Hold on, there's hope!

''Yes To'' did confirm me less than a week ago they don't do animal testing "except where required by law" & that they removed themselves from PETA's cruelty free list.

Seeing they were off the list made me write to PETA for more information but I was still waiting to hear from them.

I just got their answer today :

This sounds like a good news!!

But since ''Yes To'' just told me ''except where required by law'', I sent them a new email :

''Yes To'' gets usually back to emails within 3 business days.
Be sure I'll tell you asap what answer I get!!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Answer from Yes to

October 25th, I advised people on Twitter that Yes to is not on PETA's cruelty free list anymore.

I wrote to Yes to... to get more information.

I finally did.

Here is their answer.
It is in 2 parts, because of my phone's screen capture capacity  :)

It says they want to expand... China ?

 Then that they don't test on animals UNLESS the law requires it. (It means they do test)
 And on top of it, they say they're working hard to help find altenatives to animal testing...


You will understand that I take off  Yes to from my cruelty free list...

To yes to, I SAY NO

Yes or no ?

In the cosmetic world, when it comes to animal testing, there's a lot of changes.
Here is another one :

Yes to was showing on PETA's Don't test list.
Last time I saw Yes to on it, it was 2012, Sept 17th.

Today, can't find them anymore...

I decided to contact them.
No sign of life on Twitter & I got an automatic response to my email saying that it takes 3 open days before any answer.
My email was sent on October 25th, so I'm expecting an answer by October 30th.

However, I'm not expecting a satisfying answer.
What I know is that usually, when PETA takes off their list a brand, it's not good.

What I'd like you to do, for the sake of animals, is also to write to Yes to
Tell them politely you want an answer.

For now, I'm not buying their products anymore.
My dollar, my vote.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

I don't like to wait!

New Info on Dec 25th,2012 : OPI is not on the cruelty free list anymore

You know how easy it is to ruin a manicure.

We think the polish is dry, we decide to do something banal, and voila! a big ugly mark on our nails.  >: (

Even worse, we manage to avoid disaster, we go to bed happy & the next morning,  vision of horror! The sheets are printed all over our nails ...

All these efforts for nothing!

I heard of drops used to dry the polish faster.

But still, I told myself '' Well, do your nails in the morning!''

But there's always a cosmic force that gets in the way and prevents me from doing that.

I  always do my nails after work and hey, same shit happens.

Isn't it a sign of madness to always do the same thing and expect a different result ?

Since I'm not crazy (I like to think I'm not), I resigned. I tried the Drying Drops from Nicole by O.P.I.


The promise on the packaging is that in 60 seconds, you can touch the varnish and it is perfectly dry in 5 minutes.
Great promise ... fulfilled!

Operation is simple:

1 - We apply our polish + topcoat as usual.
2 - We wait for 60 seconds.
3 - We put one or two drops of the product per nail.

Since it is as liquid as water, the product runs by itself. No effort required.


The promise is kept, the nails are really dry in 5 minutes. No ''sheet design'' on our nails the next morning!

This is a 15 ml bottle which cost me $ 10.99 at Jean Coutu.
And since we only need a small amount of product, it may take a long time to empty the bottle.
According to the packaging, the product is good for 2 years.

I think the investment is worth it.
The color of the varnish is not affected by the drying drops and we can relax & be sure the manicure is safe from ugly marks .

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Avocado & Oatmeal - Freeman Beauty Mask

I do not know if you know Freeman , but if this is not the case, you miss something good.
Though we can not see the logo on the packaging, these products are approved by PETA .
I have tried the clay mask, avocado and oatmeal from their Beautiful Feeling range.This product promises to absorb excess sebum and dirt in addition to cleanse clogged pores. All for a whopping 3.77$ at WalMart !
It is a tube of 150 ml and it is good for 24 months after its opening.
My first thought when I used the product is that the smell is very very good.
Then the mask dries fairly quickly compared to other brands.
Finally, the most important, the result:
I felt really good after using this mask. I felt that my skin was softer.
I will definitely try other products of Freeman. It became one of my favorites products instantly!
little flat, the list of ingredients. Though the key ingredients are to kaolin clay, oatmeal, avocado and vitamin E, there is also fragrance and other ingredients less attractive. You can see the list here .


Clay (kaolin) : removes toxins and remineralizing
Avocado : regenerating, repairing, excellent for dry skin
Oatmeal : soothing
Vitamin E : antioxidant, helps protect against the sun


This American brand is vegan! It produces skin care, body care and hair care.

Do you know Zorah ?

Do you know this brand?

A reader on my facebook page told me about Zorah , a Quebec brand I did not know about.
Thanks Julie-Christine!
This brand shows on its website the logo of German Union for the Protection of Animals .
It is mainly used on the other side of the Atlantic. I guess Zorah intends to conquer the European market soon.
Products in Europe not tested on animals carry this symbolThe brand is already sold in Turkey. This would explain the choice of logo (certification).
Since you have to be certified to show such a logo on your brand, you can usually trust the companies using it.
Used without getting the certification is illegal.
Zorah offers several products.
Moisturizers, masks, balms, cleansers, exfoliants, if you want a little luxury, you have a good range of treatments.
The company sells their products in Quebec , Ontario and Turkey. Their products may be found in drugstores.
They have a calendar of events, it is worth taking a look.
I intend to participate in one of them in Montreal and then give you my opinion on the quality of products.
The prices of their products range from $ 12 for a lip balm to $ 74 for a Bioserum.
Have you tried their products? If so, tell me what you think, I'm curious!
Bioserum faceliftKailaSitala

Hey Sephora! It's not like you're irreaplaceable...

The shock to learn that Sephora sells its house brand in China past (country where animal tests are mandatory), I rolled up my sleeves and this is what I propose to replace their products.
Because no Sephora, you 're not irreplaceable!
Here is some examples :

Skin cream

CrueltyFree creams
Sephora $ 36 - $ 35 Bare Minerals - Burt's Bees $ 30 - The Body Shop - $ 36


CrueltyFree mascara
Sephora - $ 20 - Korres - $ 16 duo - Physician's Formula - $ 15 - Bare Minerals - $ 22.50


crueltyfree blush
Sephora - $ 20 - Illamasqua - $ 24 - Milani - $ 15 - Physician's Formula - $ 16

Nail polish

Update - 2013, Jan 4th : nubar is not cruelty free anymore.

Cruelty Free nail polish
Sephora - $ 12 - Nubar - $ 8.75 - China Glaze - $ 7.75 - GOSH - $ 7

There are so many choices on the market.
Want to get your message across? You can write to Sephora to show your displeasure in addition to giving your $ $ $ to companies that do not test on animals and who choose not to sell their products in a country where these horrible tests are mandatory.

Lotus Aroma and their policy regarding animal testing


I have never been answered so quickly by a company.
Within 15 minutes, I was set! What  a customer service Lotus Aroma !
Wish all companies could do the same!
I leave you a screenshot of the emails exchanged between Lotus Aroma and me. I've put my email first, followed by their answer.
Since it was in french, I'll put the translation after the pics.

I understood from your packages that you don't do animal testing.
I was wondering if this applys only on finished products ? Or if it also applys to the ingredients as well as the formulations ?
Do you make sure that your ingredients providers don't test their products on animals ?
Do you sell your products in countries that make animal testing mandatory ?
Thank you, and have a nice day!


Thank you for your email to which is important to us.

Our products, formulations and ingredients are not animal tested. We do require the same from our providers.
Lotus Aroma products are only sold in Canada.

In the name of Lotus Aroma, we thank you for your trust that gives us the inspiration to always aim excellence and always be better. You permit us to live our passion.

Have a good day

My comments

This is not only a quick response, but a precise one.
Unlike the answer I got from Lise Watier , the questions are answered.
I don't feel they're avoiding the questions.


I'm adding Lotus Aroma to my Cruelty Free list! No animal testing!

Information about Lotus Aroma

This company was founded in Quebec in 1991.
It has been acquired by Dermolab Pharma , a pharmaceutical company in Montreal.
They do produce medicine (eg, syrup for colds)

For drugs, the law requires animal testing.

This is the same principle as for other companies that have a mother-company which does not have the same policy'' without animal testing.''
(Ex: The BodyShop belongs to L'Oréal)

It is up to you to see if you still want to buy Lotus Aroma. products.
I saw Lotus Aroma at Jean Coutu and Uniprix