Sunday, 25 November 2012

Illamasqua : Take 2 !

I told you about Illamasqua few days ago.
The polish chipped on the first day, and 3 days later the polish was chipped on all fingers.

However, I did not put a topcoat on it - I know, shame on me!

That's why I decided to give a second try to the brand.
And you know, I gave 18$ to Sephora for the little bottle...

Also, the color is really beautiful + the varnish applies easily.
It was worth another try.

Illamasqua - Color : Serenity

I applied it again WITH a GOSH topcoat. (I adore that last brand by the way!)

The result :
No chipping before the 3rd day...
A little chip on one finger only.
Better than having one on the first day! But still...

If I compare to some other polish brands, I find the Illamasqua's one to be to expensive.

Even with no topcoat on my first try, a 18$ polish should not chip on the first day.
As simple as that.

Spa Ritual doesn't have to fear to lose my heart's first place.

Talking about that last brand, I will post pretty soon about it.

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