Tuesday, 27 November 2012

My letter to Urban Decay

Urban Decay, my heart flutters ...

This summer, you've announced that you were going to attack the Chinese market.
You told us that you knew that meant abandoning your policy against animal testing.
You said it was worth it ...

But what you did not see coming was the wave of protests on social medias.
What am I saying!? A tsunami, a tornado!!!!

You've unleashed our fury...

You bent..
You came back to reason...

That even earned you PETA's Courage in commerce award.

My heart was filled with hope.
Hope in mankind.

So I forgave you.

But now I hear that you wanna sell yourself, like only a whore knows how, to L'Oréal ...
Why ? Money. The thing is it is full of vices...

But perhaps you just don't know ...

L'Oreal is one of the most cruel brand that the earth has ever carried.
A monster.
Yes, torturers are monsters. Animals are the victims.

Be careful, it's like a pact with the devil.
You may well lose your soul ... if ever you have one ...


  1. Thanks for this post. My feelings are much like yours. I think everyone still has a bitter taste in their mouth from the China fiasco, now to hit us with this. I understand its business but customers have to trust the brand. They need to remember we are the ones who made them successful and we can choose to not purchase from them. Sadly when you attach money to anything morals and values go out the window with so many. Corporations are whores and its an odd time because of social media we have more direct contact with companies than ever before
    Although I never met Wende, I feel like I know her because she has been such a face of the brand what's dangerous about that is when you no longer portray the human characteristics that made your company so desirable but rather display other characteristics like greed and selfishness it feels very personal

    1. Thank you for your comment!

      And thank you for being cruelty free! :-)