Saturday, 10 November 2012

My first product from Illamasqua!

For my very first incursion into Illamasqua's world, I decided to try a nail polish.

I chose a color named Serenity.

I was surprised to see it was a matte finish.
But it's a good surprise.
(If you prefer a shining finish, I suggest you choose a top coat accordingly.)

+ + + : this polish dries quickly, so you don't need to use drying drops .

Two coats are enough since the color is bright. Also, the polish applies easily.

But it is a little bit expensive. We are talking about 18$ at Sephora, for a 15 ml bottle.
Added to the fact that it started to chip on day 2.
I thought it could happen.
But within 3 days, the polish on all my nails chipped...

It's unacceptable to me.
I have to admit I haven't use any topcoat.
Still, it's 18$...

Because the color is so gorgeous, I'm going to give it another try WITH a good topcoat.
I plan to use GOSH topcoat, I'll give you some news in a week.

Sephora is the only store I know you can find Illamasqua.

The brand is on My Beauty Bunny's cruelty free list.


  1. I haven't tried this brand of polish. That's too bad since it's a great color on your nails! x

    1. True , the color is really beautifull. I still have to redo it with a topcoat! I hope it will be better :)

  2. I have this brand of polish and love it but I've only used with a top coat. Have you tried SpaRitual nail polish? They sell it at Sephora and its cruelty free & vegan. :-)

    1. yeah, I have to retry it with a top coat soon!

      I'm totally in love with SpaRitual :)
      That's the best polish I know, and everytime I wear it, I get so many compliments :)