Sunday, 18 November 2012

NYX vs China


NYX confirmed to PETA they won't sell their products in the country that requires animal testing, China.

That's what I call a good news!

And that's because they choose compassion over profit by refusing to do animal testing that PETA gave NYX the Courage in commerce Award!

And it really does need courage for a brand to turn its back to profits when their competitors don't give a damn about animal suffering as long as the money gets in...

This is why I'd like to invite you to thank NYX for their courageous decision.
You may do so through Twitter, Facebook or by email (

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Here is a link where you'll be able to see many NYX's colors as good as MAC*'s ones.

*selling in China & more expensive!

I guess I'm going to order some NYX pretty soon.
You may also get their products in stores such as Jean Coutu.

If you already tried that brand, I'd like to know about it!

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