Tuesday, 25 December 2012

100% Pure - Part 2

As promised, here is 100% Pure part 2.
If you missed the first part, you may read it here.

Today, we're looking at a hand cream and 3 eye shadows.

Vanilla Bean Hand Buttercream 

A hand butter cream! mmmm...

Scent of vanilla bean.

It is a thick texture.
Great for Canadian winters!

What to say about the scent ?

Well, that's the best vanilla scent I ever was allowed to smell in a cosmetic!!

Forget about The Body Shop products.
This one smells way better!
(and doesn't belong to L'Oréal!!)

I almost want to order a full box !!
Seriously, I adore this cream.

I terribly long to buy again from 100% Pure and try their body lotion.
And why not, maybe a giveaway for you soon ? to follow...

Oh yeah, I really want you to know: I LOVE THAT CREAM!!

Ok, I stop  :- P

Fruit Pigmented Satin Eye Shadows

This, I got as a gift for ordering.
Each time you order, 100% Pure gives you a little something.

What made me happy, besides receiving 3 eyeshadows instead of only one, it is not samples! Full size only.

These eyeshadows are colored with fruits (and vegetables).
I prefer that kind of coloring as opposed to crushed bugs... (For  those who didn't know, sorry to tell you, but it's better that you know)

So here are the colors, from top to bottom :

Bora Bora

Dream destinations!

3 colors that fit well together.

As you can see, the colors are sparkling.
It is pretty silky when applied.

Despite my best efforts, the photo is not doing justice to the colors.
They are just exquisite.

I will not hesitate to order 100% Pure eye shadows in the future.

My conclusion

100% Pure has conquered my heart!
The products are natural & vegan (except for certified cruelty free honey in some products)
It is excellent quality.

Is there anything else to say ? If this brand would open a store in Quebec, I'd go bankrupt!!

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