Tuesday, 4 December 2012

St-Ives, ain't no Saint!

Here's an alternative

If there is a popular product in drugstores, it is St-Ives's facial scrub. 
Not surprising if you think about it. It is good & affordable!

But one day, the brand disappeared from PETA's good list.
And we know it doesn't happen for no reason.

Since I refuse to buy a product without knowing for sure that it's cruelty free, I went on a mission!

I've been looking for a while for something in the same prices.
I've found lots of products, really interesting ones, but nothing as cheap.

Then I found this! from the Feeling Beautiful line made by Freeman

It costs $3.99 for 150 ml.
(same size & price than St-Ives)

I found this at Loblaws, but you may also get it at Walmart and drugstores.

Since my first experiment with a Freeman product was satisfying, I did not hesitate.

What I think about it

What a great smell !
It is a pink grapefruit scent.

It is a thick gel but we feel the grains exfoliate the skin.
There's nothing worse for me than a scrub that doesn't seem to do the job!

A small amount is enough.




Scrub your face, not a rabbit!

Freeman products are on PETA's good list and is also vegan according to that same list.

2 for 1!

No animal testing, and no animals suffering in a factory.

What about you? Do you like that scrub ? Will you try it ?

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