Tuesday, 11 December 2012

100% Pure - Part 1

I've been thinking about 100% Pure for a while.
For us, in Quebec, it is only available on line. That's why I did not try it sooner.

If I knew what I know now, I would never have waited so long before ordering it.

What's interesting about the brand, is there is no perfumes, no chemicals, no artificial colors or any other unhealthy toxins.
You understand where the name comes from now ?

Also, this line of skin care & body care + cosmetics is practically vegan.
The only non vegan ingredient you may find is cruelty free honey.

My order

Mint White Tea Tonic

Vanilla Bean Buttercream for hands

Eucalyptus Seafoam facial cleanser

Pineapple Enzyme Peel Off Mask

I also got 3 eye shadows as a gift for ordering. (Full size!!)

Since I have a lot to say, I decided to split this in 2 posts.

If I don't, you'll stop reading before the end!

Part 1 - Cleanser, Tonic and Mask

The cleanser I chose is meant for oily skins.

I want you to know I really like it.
Eucalyptus Seafoam
I found it to be a bit liquid, but it makes a lot of foam quickly.

Once out of the shower, my skin is clear and well cleansed.

It is $25 for 100 ml.
It is a bit expensive if you compare to drugstore brands, but when you have a mixed or oily skin, you look for THE product, and I believe this one is a really good option for me.

I know I will empty the bottle and reorder.

And not to forget! There's drawings of seahorses and sea stars on the package!
(I know, don't tell me! loll)

The tonic is nice, I like it.
Mint white tea

I think it is as good as the Alba one.
(That's a compliment!)

But it is a bit more expensive. We are talking of $24 for a 177 ml bottle.

It is a glass bottle, which I like a lot.

It's meant for normal to oily skins.

We feel it working on the skin.
It stings a little. (a good sting!)

The scent is pretty nice.
I'm satisfied.

The Mask is a brightening one. I can tell you it works.

It comes as a powder mix, in a glass pot. It's charming.
Pineapple enzyme
We have to prepare it ourselves.

100% Pure suggests to use water, tea or even yogurt.

I used water since the product is vegan and I wanted to keep it that way.

Once dry, it's a peel off.
And it peels! Really!
My skin was a bit sensitive for the rest of the evening.

There was no redness but I knew I used the mask for a while!

If you prefer a ready to use mask, 100% Pure does offer some.

It's $22 for 57 gr.

My Verdict

I adore it, as simply as that. I do not regret buying it.
I'm already preparing part 2 : hand cream + eye shadows.

You'll get the post within next week. I promise!

I'm curious to know if you already tried 100% Pure ?
Tell me what you think.


  1. i've only tried the vanilla and the apple lotion lotions but have been interested in the eye cream. i may have to check out the tonic once i've used up the alba botanticals toner i just got.

    1. Thank you for your comment!
      Did you like the lotions ? I love the hand cream!

      I'm also thinking about the eyecream, I'm probably going to order from 100% Pure again! I love the brand