Tuesday, 25 December 2012

OPI - Off PETA's cruelty free list! :(

As if 2012 didn't take enough brands off our cruelty free lists, here is probably another one.

Sadly, OPI disapeared from PETA's good list.

I print out once in a while that list to have proof a brand was on it.

So here is a pic of it - Last updated Dec 3rd, 2012:

And now, a pic of PETA's list on their website - Today, Dec 25th, 2012:
(link if you want to see by yourself)

Disapointed ? Yeah, me too.
Surprised ? Not really, it belongs to Coty...

The reason why I think they're not cruelty free no more ? They seem to be now available in China (mandatory testing) :

It would help the animal cause if you too would write (politely) to them and tell them how you feel about this.

On their website : http://www.opi.com/contact.shtml
On facebook : https://www.facebook.com/OPIProducts
On twitter : https://twitter.com/OPI_PRODUCTS

Please, let me know what are your feelings about this!

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