Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Lotus Aroma and their policy regarding animal testing


I have never been answered so quickly by a company.
Within 15 minutes, I was set! What  a customer service Lotus Aroma !
Wish all companies could do the same!
I leave you a screenshot of the emails exchanged between Lotus Aroma and me. I've put my email first, followed by their answer.
Since it was in french, I'll put the translation after the pics.

I understood from your packages that you don't do animal testing.
I was wondering if this applys only on finished products ? Or if it also applys to the ingredients as well as the formulations ?
Do you make sure that your ingredients providers don't test their products on animals ?
Do you sell your products in countries that make animal testing mandatory ?
Thank you, and have a nice day!


Thank you for your email to which is important to us.

Our products, formulations and ingredients are not animal tested. We do require the same from our providers.
Lotus Aroma products are only sold in Canada.

In the name of Lotus Aroma, we thank you for your trust that gives us the inspiration to always aim excellence and always be better. You permit us to live our passion.

Have a good day

My comments

This is not only a quick response, but a precise one.
Unlike the answer I got from Lise Watier , the questions are answered.
I don't feel they're avoiding the questions.


I'm adding Lotus Aroma to my Cruelty Free list! No animal testing!

Information about Lotus Aroma

This company was founded in Quebec in 1991.
It has been acquired by Dermolab Pharma , a pharmaceutical company in Montreal.
They do produce medicine (eg, syrup for colds)

For drugs, the law requires animal testing.

This is the same principle as for other companies that have a mother-company which does not have the same policy'' without animal testing.''
(Ex: The BodyShop belongs to L'Oréal)

It is up to you to see if you still want to buy Lotus Aroma. products.
I saw Lotus Aroma at Jean Coutu and Uniprix

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