Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Are your makeup brushes cruelty free ?

If you buy makeup brushes made with natural bristles, you are contributing to bad treatments of animals.
Some will pretend that the fur used for those brushes are being taken humanely.
But think about it for a second.
Those brushes are sold for profit.
Do you really believe the animals are being well taken care of ? Do you think they have a lot of room in their cages ?

Probably not. They are considered as merchandise, not as sensitive beings with needs.

There is an interesting alternative on the market : synthetic bristles.
Many will think that the quality is not the same but it is false.
It is as good.
On top of that, if you are allergic to fur, that's a perfect choice for you!

Here is some examples of brushes with synthetic bristles, totally ethical :

Available in drugstores and large surface stores at a very good price. I do have those brushes and love it! You should cheek on Youtube what other people have to say about it.
Alicia Silverstone herself signs some of the Eco Tools kits.

Urban Decay named those brushes Good Karma for a good reason. You may use them with no remorse since it is totally made of recycled ''materiel''. It is not only #CrueltyFree brushes, it is also environment friendly!

You can get those on line. The bristles are really soft and antibacterial (anti-pimple!!!). 100% Pure is a cosmetic brand that is worth knowing. Everything is made out of... fruits! I did not have the chance to try this brand yet, but you will be the firsts to know when I do! (I will for sure)

Made with real ''Teddy Bear Hair'' ! I have to admit that the way they market their brushes is really interesting. I really want to buy those, even if I have already so many brushes! TooFaced promises that you'll have a hard time to see a difference between their bristles and the natural ones.

ELF stands for EyesLipsFace. It is pretty hard to find brushes that are less expensive than those. We are talking about 1 to 3$ per brush.
With a price like that, it is worth giving it a try. Most of the critics on Youtube are good.

Who doesn't know The Body Shop? I also have some of their brushes. I had the chance to buy a kit for a good price in a christmas sale. I don't regret this bought. The bristles are soft and are a good quality. The base of the brushes are flat and you may leave them standing if you want to.

That's luxury! The bristles are PETA approved. There is a good choice of brushes from Hourglass. They have metallic bases, and they are specifically conceived for a precise application of makeup.

abt products are available on line.

That brands dares you to see the difference between their bristles and the natural ones.

They only make vegan products.

From now on, you can't say anymore that there is no ethical choices for makeup brushes!

If you have some of those brushes, I'd like to hear from you  :-)

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