Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Avocado & Oatmeal - Freeman Beauty Mask

I do not know if you know Freeman , but if this is not the case, you miss something good.
Though we can not see the logo on the packaging, these products are approved by PETA .
I have tried the clay mask, avocado and oatmeal from their Beautiful Feeling range.This product promises to absorb excess sebum and dirt in addition to cleanse clogged pores. All for a whopping 3.77$ at WalMart !
It is a tube of 150 ml and it is good for 24 months after its opening.
My first thought when I used the product is that the smell is very very good.
Then the mask dries fairly quickly compared to other brands.
Finally, the most important, the result:
I felt really good after using this mask. I felt that my skin was softer.
I will definitely try other products of Freeman. It became one of my favorites products instantly!
little flat, the list of ingredients. Though the key ingredients are to kaolin clay, oatmeal, avocado and vitamin E, there is also fragrance and other ingredients less attractive. You can see the list here .


Clay (kaolin) : removes toxins and remineralizing
Avocado : regenerating, repairing, excellent for dry skin
Oatmeal : soothing
Vitamin E : antioxidant, helps protect against the sun


This American brand is vegan! It produces skin care, body care and hair care.

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