Saturday, 20 October 2012

I don't like to wait!

New Info on Dec 25th,2012 : OPI is not on the cruelty free list anymore

You know how easy it is to ruin a manicure.

We think the polish is dry, we decide to do something banal, and voila! a big ugly mark on our nails.  >: (

Even worse, we manage to avoid disaster, we go to bed happy & the next morning,  vision of horror! The sheets are printed all over our nails ...

All these efforts for nothing!

I heard of drops used to dry the polish faster.

But still, I told myself '' Well, do your nails in the morning!''

But there's always a cosmic force that gets in the way and prevents me from doing that.

I  always do my nails after work and hey, same shit happens.

Isn't it a sign of madness to always do the same thing and expect a different result ?

Since I'm not crazy (I like to think I'm not), I resigned. I tried the Drying Drops from Nicole by O.P.I.


The promise on the packaging is that in 60 seconds, you can touch the varnish and it is perfectly dry in 5 minutes.
Great promise ... fulfilled!

Operation is simple:

1 - We apply our polish + topcoat as usual.
2 - We wait for 60 seconds.
3 - We put one or two drops of the product per nail.

Since it is as liquid as water, the product runs by itself. No effort required.


The promise is kept, the nails are really dry in 5 minutes. No ''sheet design'' on our nails the next morning!

This is a 15 ml bottle which cost me $ 10.99 at Jean Coutu.
And since we only need a small amount of product, it may take a long time to empty the bottle.
According to the packaging, the product is good for 2 years.

I think the investment is worth it.
The color of the varnish is not affected by the drying drops and we can relax & be sure the manicure is safe from ugly marks .

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