Friday, 4 January 2013

Nubar - another one in China!

I'm so fed up of all the brands that decide to go to China.

They do it knowing that it's mandatory to test on animals in order to sell their products in that country.

Many brands decided to give up their ''against animal testing'' policies so they can get more money.

I visited nubar's website today.
I wanted to know something, when I saw their international section and decided to click on it.

What a bad surprise...

You may see that they are apparently available in China. Like OPI...
Here is the link if you want to see it directly on nubar's site.

Despite that, nubar still uses PETA 's logo as you can see in the next picture.
The bunny is at the bottom, on the right side.


I suppose they forgot to tell PETA they're now available in China...
They're still on the don't test list today :

That's why I'm sending nubar an email and I'll inform PETA.

If you wanna help to put an end to the horrible tests on animals, I invite you to write to nubar (be polite) to tell them what you think about all of this.

Here is their email address :


  1. I'm glad that you've written to PETA. :-(

    1. I hope they'll see my message soon, I suppose they receive a lot of mail everyday. :-)

  2. Boooo! I nearly bought one today as well after checking with PETA, how crafty!

    1. Luckily you didn't :-)
      I bought a nubar bottle a week ago :(
      and nailpolishcanada says on their website they don't take back the polishes since they can't make sure the bottles were not opened...

      I'm sure PETA will communicate with nubar as soon as they find out and correct their list as fast as possible.
      I sent a Tweet to PETA :-)