Wednesday, 23 January 2013

nubar ain't on PETA's good list no more

Do you remember? I told you about nubar in the beginning of January.
If you wanna read the article, you may click here.

The brand didn't tell PETA they were expanding to China. (Oh Surprise!)

I decided to repair the mistake and advised PETA myself.
They told me they would verify the information.

Well, it is official now, nubar is off PETA's cruelty free list now.

nubar would normally appear under NovAurora

This is the reason why I respect PETA so much. They verify the information. They make sure they have the right info.

It is obvious they cannot be aware of everything.
The brands won't brag about not being cruelty free anymore. They try to keep it secret as long as possible.

That's why you must tell PETA when you know a brand has changed its politics about animal testing.
(and please, tell me too!)

We can help animals!!And NEVER close our eyes!!

The fight goes on.

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