Sunday, 27 January 2013

Hong Kong is an exception - nubar goes back on the list!

Nubar wasn't away from PETA's cruelty free list for a long time

Many things happened with nubar lately.

Beginning of January I found out, on the nail polish brand s website, their products are available in China.

I advised PETA since nubar was still showing on their cruelty free list.

PETA told me they would verify if the brand still meets their requirements to stay there.

One or two weeks later, nubar disappeared from it.
However, the day after, I got an email from PETA telling me that nubar is still cruelty free since they are only in Hong Kong & they are not planing to go anywhere else in China
So they're back on the good list.

My thoughts

For now, nubar remains cruelty free.
But, being in China (even if Hong Kong is an exception), I don't know if it's a good thing.

Once there, it seems to me it would be easier to expand to the rest of the country, no ?

We'll see.


What else to say about that country : the animals fate there is not something to envy.

Indeed, in that country, if you want to market your skin care products or cosmetics, animal testing is required by law.
The only exception is Hong Kong.

PETA is working hard with the Chinese government to make alternative tests approved.

China has now a 5 year plan to approve these methods.

5 years, it's a long time.

But, it s already better than nothing.


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