Friday, 26 April 2013

Natracare - No bunnies blood!

I have never been so looking forward to my periods!
Well, not that much.

Maybe you don't know about this, but Always and StayFree are on PETA's DO test list...

That's why I'm also suspicious of other brands.

So when I saw that Natracare is available in Quebec + approved by PETA, do I need to say I was happy ?
Vegetarian Society Approved logo
The brand is also Vegetarian Society approved.



The product

I found Natracare at Loblaws.
I got it at 3.99$. I think the regular price is 5.99$

100% bio cotton - biodegradable - without chlore - no plastic - no chemicals

Natracare shows off all its patches on the packaging!

Nordic Ecolabel
Soil Association - Organic Standard
Ethical Award
Vegetarian Society

Really ethical, unlike most brands.

It's good for you, the environment and animals.


My verdict

Natracare have nothing to envy to other brands.
It does the job, the quality is the same.

I don't see why I would buy a brand that tests on animals when a product as good as this one is available and is more ethical in terms of the environment and its respect for life.


  1. I have to watch what I use as I have nasty allergic reactions before to some sanitary products and these happen to be one of the nasty ones to me unfortunately.

    1. oh no! :(
      sorry to hear that

      Do you know another cruelty free brand that works for you ?

    2. I use Cottons, they're an Australian brand.

      I'll be honest I don't know if they're cruelty free or not (I hope so) but it is a medical emergency as I have exhausted myself with trying all the others and I can't have another reaction, it is absolutely horrible!

      So for now I shall have to stay ignorant for the sake of my health I'm afraid.

    3. I totally understand :)
      That's not a brand I know, I don't think it's available in Canada

  2. Oh I hope I can find these in Ottawa!! I usually used Always but no more animal cruelty for me! Thank you for posting a review on these :)

    1. I think it's available in Ontario :)
      It's in the bottom shelves at my loblaws.

      If you can't find it in stores, you may check on :)

      I hope you'll like it !
      (as much as it it possible to like using that kind of stuff, lolll)