Sunday, 21 April 2013

Aux Vivres - What a great place!

As part of my quest to have a cruelty-free lifestyle, I also make an effort when it comes to food.
I plan to visit vegetarian  / vegan  Montreal restaurants.
I wanted to go eat at Aux Vivres for a while now.
I finally went yesterday with two non-vegetarian friends.
The restaurant was crowded, even if we went around 2 or 3 pm.
Despite this, we did not wait long before getting a table.
About 3 minutes.


We started with ''l'assiette froide''
For 2 to 3 people.

From left to right, you may see :
tofu cream - vegelox - hummus - olive tapenade - veggie paté

It was served with mini pitas.

We finished everything pretty quickly. There was no leftovers at all.
I suspected my friend Christian to want to lick the plate!  ;-)


 We then received our main dishes.
Bol Dragon - Sirocco Wrap - Gyro

My friend Christian chose the ''Bol Dragon''.
(shredded beet, carrot, daïkon, lettuce, sprouts, red cabbage, dulse, toasted sesame seeds,
dragon sauce and grilled tofu)

It was served with a sauce that seemed to be peanuts flavored.
My friend emptied his plate and was very satisfied.
I tasted it and liked it a lot.
My other friend Paolo chose the Sirocco sandwich.
This is what made him the less afraid. Eggplant and olives reminded him of Italian cuisine,
(grilled eggplant, hummus, roasted red peppers, lettuce and olive tapenade)
The serving is HUGE!!
I suggest you share this plate with someone else.
Paolo liked it, and Christian finished the plate for him :)

And I chose the Gyro
(souvlaki-style seitan, tzatziki, tomato, lettuce)


I absolutely loved it.
My friends knew nothing about seitan, so I gave them some bites.
They were surprised by it and both told me it was good.
Paolo came with his 4 year old son with us and the little boy loved it.
He kept on asking for seitan.
My Gyro was generous enough for me to be able to give away many bites and have enough for me!
The tzatziki sauce was so good!
It is definitively a meal to get again!


After our meal, we went to the Aux Vivres grocery section.
There are some dishes ready to go, vegan mayonnaise, sauces, cakes and desserts.
If I lived nearby, I would always buy some stuff for home.
And I'd eat there often.
I had a very good experience with that restaurant :)


  1. That food looks so delicious!! I didn't know that you were Canadian too!! :D

    1. It was so good! I just can't wait for the next time I go there!

      I am Canadian! :D
      What part of Canada are you from ?

    2. I was living in Ottawa, but now I live just outside of it :D