Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Hey Green Beaver !! Knock Knock Knoc?? Is there anyone ???

I'm done. I'm fed up. I'm putting Green Beaver on my wall of shame!

I'm fed up of these brands that think they just can ignore their client's email.
As if the money they earn wouldn't come from our pockets!!

There are so many brands that don't answer when I ask them about their animal testing policy.

I work for the Internet department of a huge insurance company.
I do answer customer's emails in their name 5 days a week.
(I have other tasks, don't worry about my mental health!)

I know that sometimes customers ask quite difficult questions. I don't always know what to say right away to them.

BUT YOU KNOW WHAT ? I do answer each email.

That doesn't seem to be important to do the same at Green Beaver...

I wrote them twice in the last few months.
I would have asked ''grass'' a question, i would have been more likely to get an answer.

I'm not asking Green Beaver to tell me what's the meaning of life or if they're capable to confirm the existence of Nessie!

NO! I'm asking simple questions.

Are the ingredients in their products, their formulas or their finished products tested on animals?
Either by themselves or by third parties authorized to do so?

Does Green Beaver ensures that their suppliers do not test on animals either themselves or by authorized third parties (ingredients, formulas, finished products)

Do they sell their products in a country where animal tests are required?
(such as China)

Hey! , if you don't understand the questions, tell me!
I can explain !!!!

While waiting (let's be honest, I'm not waiting anymore), I'm not buying any Green Beaver product.

There's a good chance there's no animal testing.
However, this brand doesn't show on PETA or Leaping Bunny's lists
(I haven't find one single trustworthy organisation that has that brand on their good list yet)

As for their customer service ?? Let's not say anything.
I don't think we'll see them win a JD Power soon.

P.S. :  Saying on your website ''NOT tested on animals'' doesn't mean anything !
What is not tested on animals ? The final product only ?

P.P.S. : There are so many other brands that don't answer...


  1. Ugh that is so frustrating!!! Why can't they just respond? >.<