Monday, 29 April 2013

Hey Giovanni !

It's been a while since I wanted to try Giovanni's products.
I had heard very positive comments about it by Tashina from Logical Harmony.
She only uses vegan products (that are also cruelty-free of course!).

The product

So I bought the shampoo + conditioner 2chic from the ultrasleek line.
Suitable for all hair types.
Vegan product and of course cruelty-free.
Each tube cost me $ 9.99 at Loblaws, but it is also available at Tau.
I'm pretty sure it will not be long before we also see it in drugstores.
It's 250 ml size (same as John Frieda)
The shampoo foams a lot and smells divine.
Smells like vanilla or maybe like a cake!
The conditioner is very creamy and gets easily into the hair.
These products are pleasant to use.
And what to say about the results ? Silky and shiny hair for the whole day !

My verdict

I must say I thought I had found THE shampoo when I bought the Mistik one.
But now, I don't know anymore ! I stay still very attached to it.
I've never been very loyal to shampoos ... I need variety !
Seriously, it is good to vary shampoos (confirmed by my hairdresser)
So I'll definitely buy Giovanni again (not to forget my Mistik)
Giovanni is officially in charge of my hair for the days when I want my hair to be particularly impeccable! (such as a day where I have an important meeting!)
Leaping bunny approved

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