Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Yves Rocher, naturally cruel ?

Yves Rocher is one of the brands that benefits from misinformation on the web.

Some will tell you the brand does not use animal testing.
Some others will tell you they do.

But who should you believe ?


First, you should know there is in China a law that makes animal testing mandatory in order to sell cosmetics in their country.

Usually, it is the Chinese government itself that performs these horrors but it is paid with the money of the brand wanting to do business in that country.
Paying for these tests is complicity.

The only exception to this law is the sale of these products in the city of Hong Kong.

You can sell in HK without testing. But elsewhere in China, the tests are mandatory.

This is the law, no brand as powerful as it is can escape it.

You see where I'm going ?

Yep, Yves Rocher products are available in China, not only in Hong Kong.
Therefore the exception does not apply.

Proof of availability in China

On the Canadian website, they make no mention of the Asian countries where their products are available.

You can see in the bottom of the homepage the few countries they are willing to show.
This is where some people stop their research and I guess that's the goal.

However, it is easy to find the right information.

I just wrote in a search engine ''Yves Rocher in China'' and I easily found.

The information was found in a Yves Rocher website, so it's a reliable source.

I do not know about you, but for my part, I do not know anything about ​​Chinese geography.
I could not tell you where HK is on a map.

So I decided to find a map of China where the city is well shown.

If you look at the map provided by YR, it is clear that they are not only available in HK.

Hong Kong is surrounded by the red oval in the bottom of the map.
I put red x to show where YR stores are installed, far from HK.

I also found their Chinese website. :

Are Yves Rocher employees aware ?

I can not confirm that this is the same for all employees, but I know there are some who are aware.
Here's what a friend of mine wrote on my facebook  page (in french) :

She says she used to work for them and that they bragged about not testing their final products on animals but it's a  setup.
She confirms there are ingredients that are tested.

Also that ''everything is conceived with respect by the creator in a beautiful place surrounded by glass walls with nature all around'' and then says ''yeah right''

What can you do ?

It's simple, boycott them.
There are so many great options available out there that do not cause unnecessary suffering.

Share how you feel!
You have the right to tell them what you think.

Make it clear that your dollar is your vote!

More information

Mokajo wrote about Yves Rocher, click here to see !  (in french)
She wrote to the company and publishes the received response.

It's worth to check out.

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