Sunday, 24 February 2013

Are you Mistik ?

I discovered, while shopping at Tau, a brand that I now love!

It is quite by chance that I found Mistik Source products.
Since I did not know the brand, I looked at the back of the beautiful green bottles in the hope of finding the information I always want to see, ie products that are not tested on animals.

I was more than satisfied:

You can see the trusted logo of Choose Cruelty Free.

(to see a bunny does not guarantee that there are no tests, that is why I want to see a logo of an independent organization such as CCF, PETA or Leaping Bunny)

We can also see that the product is vegan.
So in addition to not torturing animals in a laboratory, there is no animal ingredients.

So I bought two products:
Volumizing mist and a daily shampoo.

Once at home, I took a look at their website to realize that this company is Canadian.
It's always nice to encourage business from here!

Mistik source presents like this on their home page:

''The word mistik means tree in Cree. The Cree people have lived in Canada for tens of thousands years, notably in Northern Quebec.  
The word mistik symbolizes our company's philosophy on holistic and environmentally friendly personal care products.''

We can also see that the products are environmentally friendly because they are 100% biodegradable and there is nothing synthetic in their composition.

All that being said, let's get serious!

Volumizing mist

 The bottle cost me $ 12.99

Volumizing Mist

It has become one of my favorite products instantly!

I keep it with me day and night in my bag.

My hair is heavy.
Despite this, I get more volume when using this product.
I like the result.

It should not be forgotten that the product smells divinely good!
It is made with orchids.

I consider my money is well spent!

Daily shampoo

The bottle cost me 13.99$

Daily Shampoo

There is no other shampoo that smells as good as this one.
Smells kinda like candies.

Must be the blueberries.

However, this shampoo isn't foaming as much as other brands.
But foams enough to let you wash all your hair.

The result is beautiful soft hair, shiny and clean.
24 hours later, the hair is still beautiful.

It is not all shampoos that can brag about that.

I love the products Mistik Source, I will continue to buy them!


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