Sunday, 10 February 2013

Animals & Intelligence

I believe animals are not beings guided solely by their instincts.

Yes, every living being has an instinct.

This is what makes us breathe.
Nobody taught you how to breathe... You knew it right from the start.

Instincts are essential to our survival.

However, there's more than that.
We think and learn from our experiences.

Human beings often think they are the only animals provided with that ability.

But studies show the opposite.

Here are 2 interesting videos under 50 seconds each :

Now, don't tell me animals don't learn or think!!

It is a medieval concept to think that animals are as sensitive and aware as plants...
They wouldn't survive if they were not aware of their environment...

But no matter whether an animal is intelligent or not, it does feel pain and emotions!

Do you think it is acceptable to do horrible animal testing ?

If you don't see any problem, I guess the same tests on the village idiot should not awaken in you a sense of injustice...


  1. Absolutely unacceptable to do animal testing!! Thank you for the post!! xo

    1. I so agree with you ! :-D

      Thanks for your comment!