Monday, 18 February 2013

More than honey

As you know, is not produced by a plant or a tree

Nop, it is the honeybees that take care of that.

But did you ever asked yourself if you have cruelty free honey on your table ?

I know, you will tell me :

"What kind of question is that ?! Of course it is ! Bees can't suffer! Can they ?"

It seems they may...Recent studies show it's possible...

Honey production is now an industry.
There's no soul into industries.

Honey producers are so greedy for money, they're ready to do almost anything :

They use pesticides that cause illnesses and stress to the bees.

They cut off the queens wings and kill them every 2 years.
To make sure the hive won't go away.

Thousands of bees die because all of this.

If they were having a great life, they all would live up to 5 years old...

Do they have the same feelings than us ?
I don't think so, their lives are very different than ours.

But still, they have their own lives and "feelings".

Here is a link to recent studies on bees feelings

For me, it's maple syrup only!

You should not miss this documentary!

Bees are disappearing, it ain't a scoop.
That's what this documentary is all about.


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