Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Valentine's day doesn't need to be commercial!

I asked you on my facebook page and on my Twitter account what the lovers day mean to you.

I was expecting  ''True Love'' or ''Chocolate''

But I was told it's a way too commercial day !!!

It doesn't need to be that way !

You can give love to those who misses it the most

By clicking here, you'll have the chance to do so on PETA's website

You may give in the name of someone else if you wish to.

There's many choices :

5$    Straw! It will help a dog living outside
10$  A toy for a lonely backyard dog
20$  Save an animal's skin
35$  Save an animal in need
50$  Save a lab animal
??$   Choose!

So, what do you think about that ?
Different than what you're used to for Valentine's day ?


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