Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Sun! Where are you ?

The sun is capricious these days in Montreal.

But never mind, we must still protect ourselves from its rays.
We should use a sunscreen shine or rain, summer or winter.

Here are my sunscreen suggestions :


From left to right :
12.99$ for 113g
23$ pour 118 ml
13.99$ for 88 ml
21.99$ for 87 ml

Sans titre #33

From left to right :
36$ for 90 ml
45$ for 50 ml
32$ for 2 oz
Let's not forget our lips :
Sans titre #34
From left to right :
Balms at 3.49$
Balms at 3.99$ & 2.75$


Finally, some advices !

To make sure we are well protected, we must choose a minimum SPF of 15.
We should apply the sunscreen at least 30 minutes before exposing ourselves.
Don't forget to put some sunscreen on your ears !
The moments the rays are the most dangerous ? from 10 am to 4 pm.

With that, wear sunglasses that protect you from UVA & UVB and wear a hat.

I'm preparing 2 other posts about sun products :
after sun & sunless tanner :-)

Don't forget to come back !



  1. Nice! I want to try Badger products I've heard much about them. xoxo