Saturday, 29 June 2013

After Israel and EU, here comes India!

Yesterday, I forgot my cell at home, and of course a huge news got out!
I should forget my phone more often! :-)

The Humane Society International (HSI) has been working for a long time to convince India to put an end to animal testing.

here is the great news !

It will be now forbidden to use animals to test ingredients and finished products for cosmetics in India !!!  

It is now MANDATORY for cosmetics brands to use alternative tests methods that don't involve any animals.

That's a victory for people fighting against animal cruelty.


The war is not won... yet!

Unlike Europe, the importation of products cruelly tested won't be illegal.
This means a brand will have the possibility to test in another country and then sell its products to Indians.

However, if you see ''made in India'', it will be cruelty-free !! (the product, not the brand)
And we all know that brands like to make their products in that kind of country since there's cheap labour there.

You may read what HSI wrote about this news here.

We must remember that the animal testing ban law in EU did not apply in one and only step.
Before March 11th, it was the same situation than in India.

That's why this new Indian law is great news.
Eventually, even imported cosmetics will have to be cruelty-free.

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The rumour says that we'll have another good news Monday.
I Wonder what it might be ?

Any theory someone ?

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