Sunday, 24 March 2013

Nouveau Vegan

This year, I also want to share with you some blogs that I read.
I started with Mokajo in January, and I still recommend it to you. (It's in French)

The reason why I want to share those blogs is the same one that made me write my own blog.

There is plenty of cruelty free blogs out there, but most of them are Europeans or Americans.
Don't get me wrong, I think they're really nice to read.
But when comes the time to find the products they talk about in Quebec, it's not always available.

That's why I think it's interesting to share the Quebec blogs in order to help people from here that want to have a cruelty free lifestyle.

The blog I want to share is different than mine since it is mostly about food, but is as cruelty free as mine.

Simon shares with us his vegan lifestyle on Nouveau Vegan (in French)

He gives us his impressions about the products he buys.
He talks about recipes he tries, restaurants he gets to and even talked about a book he read lately.

He also writes often, so each time you visit his page, you know for sure you'll find a new post.
I like that!

I read his blog religiously!

I hope you will like it.
If later you look for his blog, it is included in my blog roll that you may find at the top of my blog.

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