Monday, 11 March 2013

March 11th, 2013 : The day the world became better!

Today is March 11th, 2013.
Remember that date, it is an historic day.

Now take effect a total ban on selling a product tested on animals in Europe.
Neither the ingredients nor the finished products can be tested.

I must say that this makes me very happy!

Millions of animals will be spared unnecessary suffering and all that is now past history.

However, do not lower the guard!

This law applies only in Europe.
Not in Canada, not in USA.

Not in China.
In that country, animal testing is mandatory.

And do not imagine that L'Oréal & ''friends'' have not found a loophole in the law.

It ain't the brands that have to be cruelty free. 
It is the products.

In other words, L'Oréal & other brands may sell a product in Europe, and another product in China.
And that's what they are doing.

Also, L'Oréal made it clear that they will continue to expand in China.

I see Europe as the first domino falling.

It is THE cosmetic market.
I'm pretty sure that the other countries will follow.

Even China has now a plan over 5 years to replace animal testing by other tests.

Let's keep hope, let's stay courageous.
The war is not over!



  1. This is great news but I'm not holding out too much hope just now. Fingers crossed that this gives the rest the kick up the backside that they need.