Sunday, 10 March 2013

I'm siiiiiiiick!

I have a cold.
Or a flu.
Whatever, I don't know what's the difference.
I've been told a million of times, but my brain refuses to stok that information.

I'm siiiiick and I hate it...  :-(

But I don't feel like taking medication just because!
We all know that it is tested on animals, and the flu or colds eventually go alone.

But still...

If I look on the Internet, there are all kinds of ways to treat the flu (or cold) naturally ...

''drink some rhum and go to bed!''

''drink some grog'' (what is that sh*t ?)

There's also a mixture of ''zatar''... sounds even worse than grog!

''thyme essence in milk''

Can we have some suggestions with stuff we have at home please?

I'm sick and I have no desire to run to the store to get a product that is impossible to find!

Anyway, not sure grandma's methods are for me.

I'll just go with Jamieson.
It's cruelty free and approved by PETA !

Now, I have to go to the drugstore ... Wish me good luck ...


  1. Awww pet, I hope you feel better soon.

    I'll put my hands up and say I don't really read into things about medicines and animal testing as some things just have to be used for medical reasons. I wish I could but sometimes needs must. I'm just a sucky sick person. :(

    1. thank you ! you're so nice :D

      with medicine, we don't really have the choice, it's almost all tested on animals
      but i try to find alternatives :D