Monday, 20 May 2013

Eyebrows threading

This is the method that I use for my eyebrows for some years now.
It costs me a big $ 4 each time.
I have to go every 2 or 3 weeks.

No product is used, so I know it is not tested on animals.
In addition, unlike wax, skin cells are not torn during the operation.

I do not say it does not hurt, but as it is fast,we do not suffer too long.

I found you a video on youtube that demonstrates the art.

I always go at Dees but there is also IndoPak


  1. Threading is awesome! I get my sister to thread my moustache >:D

    1. That's nice to have someone to do it for us! :D
      I should learn how to thread my eyebrows myself!

  2. I have been getting threading done for the past 11 years! It probably would be more economical to learn myself! Me and my sister are transitioning to cruelty free products, so i'm glad to have found your blog :)

    Sita xx

    1. I should also learn threading for myself ! :D

      I'm happy that your sister & you want to go crueltyfree!
      And if I can help you, it will be my pleasure :)

      I'll be happy to read your blog :)