Monday, 27 May 2013

A beautiful color

It's summer and we love to use vibrant colors on our nails.
But no need to spend a fortune to buy new nail polish colors !

Here's a trick I saw on youtube, I don't remember exactly where.

You only have to put a first layer of white.
Then you can put the color you want.

I would suggest the LA Colors white which costs about $ 2 at Jean Coutu or the essence white at Pharmaprix for about the same price.
The bottle of LA Colors is a bit bigger.

Since we won't see the white, no need to spend a lot on it :-)

I do not know if you can see the difference between the two fingers, but the left one is more pimpant.
I do not think the picture does justice to the colors.
Obviously, once you have completed your manicure, you will not see any white around.
As I did this as a test, I have not put much effort into it.
This technique works well with colors that are already vibrant but for which you want even more sparkle!
I used SpaRitual Dreamsicle color

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